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Most drivers dread the winter season, and for good reason. The driving conditions are terrible and there’s an increased risk of accidents. Many people go out to drive without priming their cars for the season and end up paying the cost. If you plan to travel during winter, whether it’s for short distances or long ones, consider showing your car to an auto repair professional to minimize risk.

Rain, snow, ice, fog etc can be quite detrimental for drivers, despite their high level of skill and experience. Slippery roads can reduce the ability to stop your car smoothly and safely, the reason behind which is lack of traction. You can increase your car’s traction by slowing your vehicle down, remaining in contact with the road’s surface. Things like increased distances, slower speeds, and gentle stops and turns can prove to be quite useful for safety.

Tips to Remain Safe when Driving

Before we proceed, it is worth remembering to reduce your speed by half (or even more) of the road’s speed limit. Low tread depth is quite dangerous and could result in collisions, particularly on excessively dry pavement.

Be Careful of the Braking Distance when Driving

Driving your vehicle too close is a sure way to collide in traffic. The good news is that you can easily avoid this problem by being careful of the stopping or braking distance during winter. Instead of maintaining a five to six second stopping distance, consider increasing it to ten to twelve seconds. Yes, you may reach your destination late, but it is a great way to remain safe.

You should also avoid making sudden movements on snowy roads. It could cause your car to slip and skid off the road. Hit your brakes gently and you will remain safe no matter how high the traffic is.

Reduce the Speed

This may seem like a simple, straightforward tip but it is highly effective. As mentioned earlier, high speed driving is a big no-no for winter time driving. Slow your vehicle down – as a matter of fact, make it a rule. It will help you stay aware and cautious of your surroundings, particularly during the winter.

Tire traction takes a huge hit during the winter, giving drivers loads of troubles when stopping their cars. Slowing your vehicle down will prevent you from making blunders and errors, saving your from collisions.

Prep Your Car before Driving

A common mistake that many drivers tend to make is that they delay their car maintenance. This is never a good idea, as leaving your auto maintenance only increases your car’s problems.