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Driving during the summer can bring it’s own challenges. This can include road construction, heavy traffic, or deer that will run onto the road. Minnesota ranks in the top ten for number of deer collisions in a state. Not only can hitting a deer dangerous, but it can be expensive as well. Each year, these collisions cost over 4 billion dollars in damage. This results in a lethal combination of cars and deer. According to the Insurance Information Institute, there is a rise in collisions. This is mostly from more roads being built through wildlife habitats, which force them to move.

Deer Crossing

Always be aware of deer crossing signs. If these are on the side of the road, then that area is heavily populated with several that cross the road. As you pass by trees that are close to the road, there is an increased chance of deer or wildlife running out of there. This is mostly because the trees will hide the deer and they will not be seen until the last second. When driving past a field, there are more open areas so they can be seen easier. Plus there is larger distance between the field and the road.


Also remember to never swerve when a deer runs out onto the road. This can cause an accident with the vehicle beside you because you side-swipe them. If there is a semi beside you, the accident will be worse. It can also increase the chance that you lose control of the vehicle and risk going in the ditch, flipping, or rolling it as well. Overall, there will be less damage by just hitting it. If there is an area and they are on the side of the road, remember to slow down. More often than not, there are always more than one, so you will want to pay attention carefully.