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Catalytic ConverterA catalytic converter is present in nearly every new car model. It has a job to clean and purify the harmful fumes from the car engine before they can be released through the exhaust pipe. This converter is situated right behind the exhaust outlet, which makes it a prime target for car thieves and car part stealers.

Catalytic converters sell for thousands of dollars and if you go to buy a new one, you will have to spend a lot more money than that. Therefore, it is very important to prevent this catalytic converter theft, and here are 3 tips to help you do so.

Using Burglar Alarms or Cameras

One of the most effective ways to ward away thieves from your car is to set up cameras and alarms all over your driveway and garage, as well as inside your car. This way, the alarm will go off as soon as the thief tries to sneak under your car or remove anything. You will also be able to see the face of the thief, and even if they manage to sneak away with the catalytic converter, you can report it to the police along with the camera footage. This way, the thief won’t be able to run very far, and you might even get your stolen catalytic converter back.

Adjusting Your Car Insurance

Another way to safeguard yourself against the heavy costs associated with converter theft is to have a look at your insurance policies. See whether you have full coverage to protect you against any accident, damage, or theft. If you have this, then you will be reimbursed after you get a new catalytic converter installed.

However, a certain amount will be deducted from the claim. If you think your vehicle is more prone to catalytic converter theft, you might consider lowering this predetermined amount. Make sure that your insurance covers theft, otherwise you might not be covered for it.

Paint the Catalytic Converter

This may be an unconventional approach, but another effective way to prevent the theft of your catalytic converter is to paint it with a fluorescent color and tag it with your vehicle’s registration or chassis number. This way, the thief won’t be able to pawn it off, since no dealer would want to be arrested for having the stolen converter in their possession. Also, the police will have an easier time tracing this converter down.

These are all of the basic tips that you can follow to prevent catalytic converter theft from your car. Make sure to follow them all to the letter, and also to avoid leaving your car unattended for a long time in dark or isolated spaces. This way, you will be able to protect your car’s catalytic converter. Also it can save yourself a lot of money and also ensure that your vehicle doesn’t have any harmful emissions.