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Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium are three metals that can sell for prices that make them worth more than Gold. This is why catalytic converter theft is so common and you can find it increasing in the coming years. The theft relating to catalytic converters is not something new or unheard of, instead, this car part has been subject to theft for a long time. It is only that the theft has increased around the time of the pandemic, which is why the catalytic converters are getting so much attention.

Nonetheless, catalytic converter theft is something every car owner should be wary of since it can put a significant blow on your pockets. The crime rate of catalytic converters tends to fluctuate according to the prices of the precious metals inside them.

Metals such as Rhodium, Platinum, and Palladium are inside a catalytic converter, and robbers can extract them to make a quick profit depending on their current value. Vehicles that are most vulnerable to this crime have converters that are easiest to remove.

Toyota Prius is a Common Victim

There have been many occasions in which Prius owners have had their catalytic converters stolen. Toyota’s efforts into lowering emissions and making their car carbon neutral have them putting more precious metals inside their catalytic converters.

With this effort into achieving low emissions, Convertors of a Prius has exceptionally high precious metals. These precious metals help converters filter out harmful pollutants from the emissions that come out of a car’s exhaust. Hence, thieves are aware of the abundant precious metals inside the Prius catalytic convertor, and this is why they are a common target for this theft.

Steel Plating and catalytic converter

Due to the increase in catalytic converter crimes, people have found steel plating to be the best defense against thieves. This requires you to take your car to a technician, and purchase a metallic plate that they can install.

This steel plate works as a shield, guarding your car’s catalytic converter against robbers, and keeping them out of their reach. The introduction of new portable cutting tools makes ripping out a converter much easier. This is why people install a steel plate that can resist battery-powered tools to safeguard their converters.

Park It inside a Garage

This is one of the more obvious prevention steps that you can take. If you plan on leaving your car out in the open unsupervised, then you are asking for trouble. It is best to always park it away from sight and away from reach if you want your catalytic converter to last you the lifetime of your car.

Ideally, you should not park your car in a dark location that is secluded from traffic. This makes your car an easy target for the thief. Hence, parking it at busier spots is a good preventative measure instead. Many ways in which you can ensure that your car is not a victim of a catalytic converter theft. Taking all the measures is the best way to go if you wish to maximize the protection of your car.