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dead battery

A dead battery can occur often in the winter. The winter temperatures can be incredibly burdening for car batteries. As the weather turns cold, more and more car owners start needing battery replacements. Cold air happens to drain the battery more quickly. If you leave it parked in cold conditions too long, you will likely find it difficult to start.

Know your Battery’s Lifespan

Like all components inside your car, your battery has a certain lifespan. If you want your car battery to function optimally, you have to make sure that you are making timely replacements. Before winter starts to reach drastic levels, make sure to replace the battery so you are not stranded in the snow.

The temperature drop can be drastic for battery health, especially if your battery is in poor condition. Generally, car batteries will run optimally for about five to ten years, and then it may start showing signs of degradation.

Corrosion and a Dead Battery

A damaged battery will often release hydrogen gas in the form of vapor and this leads to the formation of corrosion around the batteries and other parts of the components. If the corrosion starts to accumulate, it can have an impact on the battery’s performance, making it unable to start in colder temperatures.

To help prevent issues, wipe off the corrosion from the batteries. However, if the battery corrosion builds up too severely, then a new battery is needed. Bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it to see the condition of the battery.

Purchase Battery Blanket

One of the reason batteries tend to die during the winters is because they get too cold. An easy fix or a preventative solution for this problem would be use a battery blanket. A battery blanket consists of insulating material that can keep your battery temperature from falling to dangerously low levels.

Minimize Battery Usage

Your battery needs to charge in order to function well in the cold temperature. It is important to make sure it is charging properly while you drive. The best ways to ensure this is to minimize all unnecessary usage by avoiding any electrical accessories of the car.

The added electrical requirements of accessories can put additional stress on your car’s battery. You can also benefit from disconnecting the battery when you stop the car. Also remember to turn off or unplug everything so that your battery does not drain.

The steps mentioned above can help your car battery last you throughout the winter. Make sure that you replace your car battery when it starts to become difficult to start. Most importantly, do not forget to pull out any of your accessory plugs such as a phone charger, portable DVD players and anything that can cause a drain on the batteries. If you have any questions about the battery, make sure to contact us. We can get the vehicle in to inspect the battery, and advise you on the solutions to help have an efficient drive.