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Driving in severe weather during the summer can be difficult. While winter presents blizzards, summer has thunderstorms, down pour rain, and even a tornado. By staying alert and aware of the weather, you can be prepared for the type of weather you might be driving into when traveling. When it starts raining, turn on the windshield wipers. Doing so will remove the rain and precipitation from the windshield. When the wipers do not clear it away or are damaged, make sure they are replaced. Schedule an appointment and we will be happy to replace the wipers with a new set.

When driving when it rains, turn the wipers on

When the wipers are operating, remember to turn on the headlights. If it rains, visibility will get worse and it will be harder to see. This also makes it more difficult for other drivers to see you. By turning on the headlights, the safety is improved. When driving I fog, remember to set the lights on low beams or fog lights. When the fog is so heavy that the visibility is poor, pull over when it is safe to do so. Waiting a few extra minutes until the fog has cleared is better than driving blindly through it.


As severe weather hits and it starts to down pour, reduce the speed that you are driving. With heavy rain, the pavement will have an abundance of water. This will result in an increased chance of hydroplaning when driving. It can also cause safety issues if you are driving too fast. Also be aware if there is flooding or running water on the road. Since you cannot tell how deep the water is, it is always best to turn around and find a different route. Within a few seconds, you can lose control of the vehicle. So always be aware of the road conditions, even if it is raining out.