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SUV driving on a snowy road

Winter weather will mean that you need to adjust your driving techniques and habits. This will depend a lot on the weather condition, and the road condition. Roads in the winter may become slick. They can be covered in snow, ice, rain, sleet, and any other form of precipitation. Making sure your vehicle is reliable and safe to drive should be a top priority heading into the winter snowy months. Make sure to bring the vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections, so we can check it for you. This will help to ensure the parts and components are working correctly for your vehicle.

The tires are a vital part of driving on winter roads this winter. The air pressure should be at the amount indicated by your vehicle. This can be found in the owner’s manual, or on the inside door jamb of your driver’s door. Make sure the tires are always filled to this correct amount. Tires that are under or over inflated can lead to issues. They can pick up sharp objects on the road, or blow out. You will also notice poor fuel mileage, because the tires will pull the vehicle in one direction or the other. Also remember to check the tread wear. The better the tread, the better control you have of your vehicle on the road. If there is low tread, you may notice your vehicle sliding or loss of control.

Also make sure the windshield wipers are in the best condition. If you have any doubt, it is always best to stay safe, and replace them. They will need to work hard at removing ice and snow this winter. You will need them to rely on the best visibility possible when you drive. They will clear away any precipitation, as well as road grime and slush.