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fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is important. Let’s face it. Rising gas prices are a cause for concern for many Minnesota drivers. From gas prices starting at $ 4 per gallon to putting more mileage on your car, you’re not alone if you’ve been wondering if there are some simple ways to make your car more fuel efficient so you can go longer in between pit  stops. If you’ve ready to learn how to save more despite rising  fuel  prices, we’ve got you covered with 10 quick ways to make your car more fuel efficient.

Check your tires

Properly inflated tires not only ensure a smooth ride, they also can increase your  vehicle’s fuel efficiency. When your tires are improperly inflated they can decrease your fuel efficiency by 3%. We recommend checking your tire pressure monthly to ensure  your tires are properly inflated – promoting higher fuel efficiency.

Check your alignment

Whether you’ve run into a pesky pothole recently, or just feel like your ride is not as smooth as it used to be – we recommend checking your alignment. Signs your alignment needs checking include pulling to one side while driving, and shaking when driving at high speeds. Driving without proper alignment can decrease your gas mileage by 10%.

Cut down on wind resistance

Driving with external carriers on your roof and other areas can cause your car to work harder to maintain speed – which in the end can decrease  your fuel efficiency. Consider removing roof boxes, and bike carriers when not in use can decrease wind resistance, and ensure greater fuel efficiency.

Fuel Efficiency and Sticking to the speed limit

Did you know that going 80 MPH can use up  to 25% more fuel than going 70 MPH? In this  case, faster is not always better. Consider driving closer to the speed limit to save at the pump and increase your miles per gallon.

Stop idling

While it’s tempting to leave your car idling as you wait for your friend or your next appointment, it’s not always the most fuel efficient. Idling can consume up to ½  a gallon of gas per hour. Just plan on shutting your car off while you wait for greater efficiency.

Change your air filter

Running on an old and dirty air filter can cause your engine to run inefficiently. A dirty filter will cause your engine to decrease its efficiency and consume more fuel. Do yourself a favor and ask your mechanic to change it at your next preventative maintenance.

Lighten your load

If your trunk has  become your storage locker, it may be time to clean it out. The more weight you are driving around, the harder your car will need to work. For every 100 lbs in  your trunk or backseat, your fuel consumption goes up  by 1-2%. Simply emptying your trunk can go a long way in increasing your vehicle’s efficiency.

Pump the right gas

While it may be tempting to purchase higher octane gas, it may be costing you at the pump. If your car requires 87 octane fuel, using a higher octane will not make your car more fuel efficient. Instead, you’ll be paying more with no added benefit. It also helps to keep your tank at least ¼ full. When your tank level falls below ¼ full, it can decrease efficiency as your fuel pump has to work harder.

Use your AC sparingly to improve Fuel Efficiency

Running your AC frequently can cause a drain on your engine and your gas tank which will decrease your car’s efficiency. If you do a lot of city driving with frequent stopping and starting, consider opening those windows and getting some fresh air.

Schedule that tune up

You know that saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? It’s not just true for our bodies. Vehicles that get regular maintenance tend to be more fuel efficient. If you’ve been concerned about fuel efficiency, it’s always a good idea to schedule your preventative maintenance.

These quick ways of increasing your fuel efficiency can help you enjoy driving around town without breaking your budget. If you’re ready to ensure these items are in proper working order, simply schedule a service appointment and we’ll be glad to get your car in tune and ready  to drive this spring.