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Being prepared for any winter weather while driving is important. Driving your car in the snow is unlike driving in other times of the year. You have to be careful of many more precautions than you would normally consider. You not only have to keep an eye out on the troubling surfaces, but you also have to listen for unusual noises from the car tires. Not to mention, you have to also be vary of weather forecasts and plan your routes before you commute to anywhere.

Prepare for the Worst

Winter time is unpredictable and you can never tell what type of safety hazard that you will be facing in the snow. For this reason, you need to drive prepared with the occurrence of being stranded in the snow.

When stranded in the snow, keep in mind that you never know how long rescue will arrive even if you contact them. The first thing that you do if you get stuck in the blistering snow is to contact the rescue teams. If in any case you cannot contact them, then you need to be proactive in order to survive.

Keep in mind that you do not keep the car started for a very long time. Staying inside the car with the heater for a prolonged period of time can expose you to the toxic carbon monoxide gas that is fatal upon inhalation.

Thus, your best option is to only turn on the car’s heater for short periods of time. Another thing that can lead to the expulsion of carbon monoxide gas inside your car is the exhaust pipe blockage. If snow gets trapped inside your exhaust, the only way out for toxic gasses is through the interior vents.

This is why it is critical for you to have a portable snow shovel inside your car so that you can dig your way out of danger. Along with snow shovels, you should also have extra layers to maintain your body temperature during the time you shut down the car’s heater.

Learn Driving in the Snow is Important

If you have enough practice of driving in the snow, you can avoid getting stranded in the ice in the first place. To get experience, it is best to find a big open space that is covered with dodgy driving surfaces and then practice how you can safely drive. This will give you a good sense of the car.

This will help you learn whether your car’s tire has sufficient traction. You can also feel whether the traction control, ABS brakes or safety features are working. By doing so, you can also decide whether your car needs to undergo inspection and maintenance.

Overall, one of the best things that you can do for your car in terms of winter preparedness is to get it serviced by professional technicians. This will ensure that your car is fit to thrive in the snowy hostile environments.