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Potholes are almost everywhere, no matter how well maintained the roads are. Factors like rain, snow etc often damage roads, creating different sized potholes in the process. While these cracks may seem harmless initially, they can cause a lot of damage to your car. Many people don’t take potholes too seriously and drive over them. Sure, you may not notice any damage right away, but the long term impact is devastating.

If you are not able to avoid potholes, try slowing down as often as you can. Doing so will prevent your vehicle from damage, increasing its life in the process. Let us discuss the harm you can do to your car by failing to avoid paved roads.

The Damage Potholes Can Cause to Your Cars

When you drive on irregular roads, the force deployed by the suspension goes upward. This happens because the force applied on the suspension goes upward as the tire’s bottom hits the road. Scenarios like these are quite unfavorable to tires as they push them back and up at the same time. You should especially avoid long potholes, as they can cause massive damage to your car’s platform or frame.

Potholes Can Also Damage Your Suspension

As mentioned earlier, wheels are subject to horizontal and vertical force when they go inside a pothole. The force transmits towards the suspensions, making it move back and forth. Too much horizontal force can cause significant damage to your wheels by ruining their alignment. If you do fail to realign your wheels on time, your tires will wear out quickly, causing a lot of discomfort while driving.

Tips to Avoid Potholes When Driving


Don’t Drive to Close to the Car Ahead of You

Driving bumper to bumper is a surefire way to drive into potholes. It would be best to maintain a space of at least three to four seconds at all times. Doing so will keep you clear from accidents and help prevent damage caused by hitting potholes.

Drive Away from Puddles

Some puddles can be surprisingly deep. For all you know, there could be a massive pothole lurking beneath a puddle. Paved roads accumulate rainwater, creating deceptive puddles. Remain cautious when driving near puddles and avoid them as much as you can.

Slow Down

Driving too fast doesn’t give you too much time to react. This is particularly true if you are racing down a road riddled with potholes. Consider slowing down and giving yourself extra time, making sure you get enough time to drive your way around puddles and potholes.


If your car has taken too much damage from, waste no time in booking an appointment with our professional auto repair service. Our experts will take a close look at your car, making sure it is back in excellent condition.