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Prepare your vehicle for any traveling you might be doing. Do not let things like car problems ruin your road trips. Scheduling or performing some maintenance before you leave can help make sure your car is ready for action. While you cannot prevent mechanical breakdowns, inspecting your car’s parts and fluids prior to hitting the road may save you from lengthy trips to the repair shop. Let us discuss some tried and tested tips to prep your car for a long road trip.


Prepare and Check the Filters and Fluids

You must ensure that your car has the right amount of fluids before you go out for a long trip. Check all the fluids. This includes windshield water fluid, transmission fluids, power steering fluids, engine oil etc. If your car is missing any of these fluids, make sure you top them up right away. If you think that your vehicle needs an oil change, waste no time and get it done right away. When it comes to fluids, you should not leave anything to chance as not doing so could deteriorate your car’s performance in more ways than one.

Inspect the Hoses and Belts

Engine hoses and belts are vital for maintaining your vehicle’s cooling systems. It also helps power steering, cooling systems etc, making sure they function properly. It would be best if you have a professional inspect them to find out if there are any cracks or frays. You should also ensure that the belts are installed tightly so that they are secure and free from slack.

Closely inspect the hoses and make sure they are free from drips and leaks. Also, consider checking your vehicle’s manual to check the recommended service intervals for the hose and belt.

Prepare by Checking the Battery

Your car’s battery is arguably the most important part of your vehicle. It is also important to ensure it is in excellent condition. When inspecting your vehicle’s battery, check for things like corrosion, wear and tear, dirt etc to see whether you need to repair or replace it. Before checking however, disconnect the wires and clean your battery’s connectors using a wire brush. As most of you may know, batteries have a corrosive acid inside them and it could leak if you take the connectors off with jerky jerky motions. If you are not experienced with car maintenance, consider hiring a professional auto repair service to do the job safely and efficiently.

Inspect Your Tires

Deflated tires could have a huge impact on the fuel economy of your vehicle. Therefore, it would be best to keep your tire’s PSI levels in check, making sure they are always according to the manufacturer’s recommended levels. It would also help if you checked the PSI levels of your spare tires, as you never know when you are going to need them. There are several other tips to prep your car for road trips, but the ones we discussed in this article are very critical and should be considered by every vehicle owner.