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The cabin air filters inside your car are often forgotten by car owners. They filter the air you breathe inside your car, which makes it surprising that so many people do not deem them important. These components are ones that require preventative maintenance. This means that they do not require you to wait for your car to give you a sign that they need replacement. Instead, you should replace them regardless.

Replace the Filter

The cabin air filter helps filter the air that goes inside your car that is flowing inside the air vents of the car. In other words, it keeps contaminants from exploiting the air that is flowing inside the car. Nonetheless, if you do not replace the filters more often, the dirt will start clogging the filter.

Many technicians have agreed that they have fixed many air conditioning and heating issues by simply replacing the cabin air filters with new ones. If the cabin air filter gets too restricted, it puts a big burden on your car’s fan, making it work much harder by clogging things up.

Moreover, if crud gets through because of clogging, then it will destroy parts of your car’s system. For instance, the fan motor may burn out because it will be straining too much trying to get the most air out of the filter. If the fan inside the blower motor starts to wear out because of clogged filters, then it is possible that it starts to release tiny bits of copper material inside the AC evaporators and the HVAC system.

Since most AC evaporators and heaters cores consist of aluminum material, the copper and aluminum can therefore lead to a galvanic reaction. This will result in damage to the heater cores and evaporator cores in the HVAC system.

Fixing up internal issues such as these can cost you plenty of money. They may even put a huge dent in your finances. On the other hand, purchasing a brand new cabin air filter does not cost much at all. Moreover, they are also relatively easy to change.

Where can you find them?

You can find the cabin air filters in different locations inside your car. The most common spot of them all is inside the glove box. To get a glance at them, it requires you to empty the glove box and then, you can look for the covering and find ways to pull it out. There are many ways you can do this, and each car will present a different opening. It is best to take a peek in the owner’s manual and find how you can do this.

Once you can get to the filter, all you have to do is pull the cover out and towards you. This will allow for a visual inspection, and if you find that it is dusty and full of contaminants, then you can go ahead and replace it with a new one.

If you are someone with allergies, and your air filter’s capacity to filter out contaminants takes a slump, then you must take replacements seriously. This is because it will ultimately cause you to fall sick more often.