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RV owners, especially those who are new to them often get confused when it comes to prepping their recreational vehicle for the spring season. Sure, you may come across plenty of checklists online, but the things we will discuss in this piece are critical for ensuring your RV is in optimal condition.

Start With the Batteries

The first thing you should check in your RV is its batteries. Many individuals tend to remove the batteries when they keep their RV in winter storage, which often leads to deterioration especially if you don’t store them at the right place. However, you must still inspect the batteries even if you do take extra care of them during the winters. Believe it or not, many batteries tend to lose their current because of internal leakage. Even a completely charged battery can lose around ten to fifteen percent of its current. Therefore, it would be best to fully charge the battery and show it to a professional auto repair service before taking your RV out.

Check the RV Tires

Similar to batteries losing their charging over time, and your RVs tires can also lose a percentage of their PSI levels. In most cases, RVs parked in storage tend to lose around two to three PSIs per month. This suggests that your tires could have immensely low air pressure, which could lead to accidents. Make sure you double check tire pressure in each tire using a high quality inflation gauge. If you notice any issues in the tire, make sure you show it to an auto repair pro to get the problem fixed.

The Generator’s Oil Level

Take a close look at the generator’s oil level. It would be best if your serviced your RVs generator as suggested by its owner’s manual. You should also check the exhaust system of your generator before starting it. Running an already damaged generator will not only deteriorate your RVs overall quality but also lead to costly repairs. In case the generator remained inactive for a long period, consider running it for an hour or two to ensure it is free from issues. It would also help if you checked the generator’s load rating and set it according to the instruction manual.

There are plenty of other things you should check in your RV, but the things we discussed in this piece are arguably the most important and will help you ensure your vehicle is ready come spring season. Also, while inspecting your RV by yourself is a great idea, getting an experienced auto repair service to do the job would be even better. Why? Because it will help you spot issues that can only be found by seasoned pros.