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When a Snowplow is plowing, the driver’s job is specifically to block all lanes of traffic and move at a speed that is appropriate for the job. They do the critical job of making the roads safe to drive on during heavy snow.

Many car drivers cannot stand the fact that snowplows drive slowly, and thus, they try to move ahead of them. This is despite the many waning lights on their truck and signs that indicate drivers that they need to stay several yards away.

Stay Back

It is entirely important to stay back a good distance when driving behind a snowplow. They are massive vehicles that are constantly shooting out road salt, anti icing liquid and blowing away snow to clear the roads. The closer you drive to them, the lesser will be your visibility. This is why you must keep away from them.

It is worth noting that the snowplows are clearing the snowy roads ahead of them, which means passing them will require you to drive on snowy and icy roads that are hazardous. The decision of driving past the snowplow can be met with unfortunate circumstances.

The tail lights of the snowplow can sometimes get covered with snow. This will make it difficult for you to navigate whether the giant snow blowing vehicle is turning, switching lanes, or braking. This means that you can drive right into their blind spot and crash the car if you are not careful.

Do Not Pass

Trying to pass a snowplow can lead to a fatal accident and an unwanted collision. You have to therefore, be patient and let the plow complete its job. The general rule of thumb would be to drive slowly behind it while maintaining a safe distance of about a hundred meters.

Snowplows will usually plow the roads in sections. This means that you are most likely not going to be stuck behind slow plowing activity for more than twenty minutes. Therefore, it is not worth risking your life and trying to pass the snow plow.

Respect the Snowplow

The workers that are trying to clear the roads using machinery are doing the public an incredible service. They may be singlehanded saving lives, and thus, you have to make sure that you are respecting them by letting them do their job safely without disturbing them. Do not honk at them and flash your headlight on them to make their life difficult.

Snowplow drivers are skilled laborers that do a thankless job of winter maintenance in the cold winter times. Their job keeps the community and commuters safe. They work with dedication and precision planning for the health and safety of the drivers. They also give up their sleep and work late at midnight when there are fewer cars on the road. You must alter your driving habits for your own safety and their safety as well.