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stepsFlushing out your coolant is an important maintenance step, especially for winter preparation. Since the winter accounts for an extreme drop in temperature, it can impact the fluid inside the cooling system.

This is why you may have to increase the coolant flush frequency during the winter. It is in fact best that you perform the coolant flush in the late fall so that you are prepared for winter. Flushing more often than necessary causes no damage to the vehicle, or any harm other than wasted anti-freeze and labor.

If the coolant shows no discoloration or smell, then you should not have to flush the coolant, unless your car is overheating. Fortunately for you, flushing a coolant is easy.

Steps to Flush a Coolant

Flushing a radiator does not cost a lot of money, or any hard labor. Instead, all it takes is a little time from your end. Below are steps that will ensure that you perform the coolant flush effectively.

Inspect the Cooling System

Before flushing the radiator, you have to check it for any leakages, corrosion, damage and scratches. To check for leaks, it will require you to get under the radiator and find any water droplet dripping out of the radiator or tube.

Drain the Coolant

Locate the drain plug. The drain plug is usually beneath the radiator, on the underside of the car. Once you find the drain plug, you have to safely place the container or a pan under it so that the coolant fluid goes into it.

Steps for Flushing the Radiator

After the radiator fluid empties out completely, you have to then close the plug drain and begin the flushing process. Flushing the cooling system can be time consuming as you have to wait until the entire cooling system is flushed.

It requires you to first insert distilled water and step on the pedal, and then drain the water. This process needs to repeat but this time with a cleaning agent. After multiple flushes using different solutions, you can insert the anti-freeze and water mixture, and also an anti-rust solution considering the car is old.

This whole process is always best done by a professional. Following these steps can help keep your vehicle in the best condition possible. Make sure to contact us and we can inspect your vehicle to check the coolant. When a flush is needed, we can advise you on the schedule. This will help keep your vehicle efficiently working and handling well on the road.