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The right time to change your tires can vary. Even though every tire can have a particular lifespan, replacement time can vary depending on how quickly they wear out. Experts will tell you to inspect the tire condition and decide whether they need replacement. It would be best to opt for tire inspection to determine the exact condition of the tire and learn how soon you may need to replace them.

Look at the Wear Bars

Every car tire will likely come with a wear bar that locates right between the treads. You have to take a look at the wear-bar on tire and make sure that it is evenly aligned with the treads. If it is not worn out completely, the bar will be very much in line with the treads. If the wear bar is not falling in line with the treads, then this is a clear indication that you need to replace the tires.

Look for Uneven Wear

You have to be on the lookout for uneven wear. For instance, if you notice that there is more wear on one side of the tire than the other. This can ultimately mean that there is a misalignment in the tires. It can also mean that there is a broken suspension component in the tires.

Some misalignment can also occur due to cupping, which is ultimately the damage of the high and low spots on the tire. This is not just an indication that you need a tire replacement. It is also a sign that your car’s suspension is no longer functional. This means the tire has been bouncing on the road for quite some time.

Inspection for Sidewall Damage

You should always take sidewall damage seriously and respond urgently to it. To inspect if your car tires are in optimum condition, they should not have any sidewall damages. Even the slightest sidewall damage can lead to a blow out, which will result in your tire bursting while you are on the road.

This situation can be extremely dangerous. It is not just detrimental to your health but it can be very damaging to your car as well. Moreover, it is important to note that sidewall damage is something that you cannot recover even if you try.

Do the Penny Test Inspection

The penny test can reveal plenty about your cars tread depth. Digging it in between the groves shows you whether the tire treads are in good condition or not. All you have to do is insert the coin inside the grooves and make sure that you can still get a good view of George Washington’s head. If yes, then your tires need replacement.