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When it comes to safety precautions while driving, making sure you have clear visibility is a must-have. Good visibility allows you to see potentially dangerous situations, assess changing road conditions, and prepare for hazards that can lead to an accident. But when it comes to everyday driving, what can give you peace of mind when it comes to improving your visibility? If you’re curious about what you can do to improve your visibility, then we’ve got you covered with 6 tips to give you peace of mind while you travel the roadways.

Keep your windshield clean for better Visibility

We’ll start with the basics. A dirty windshield makes for poor visibility. This is especially true when driving at night as haze and smudges are magnified by street lights and oncoming headlights – making it difficult to see. We recommend making a habit of washing your windshield every time you fill up on gas to ensure your windshield is clear for every drive.

Check your windshield wipers

It’s always a good idea to periodically check your windshield washer blades. Your blades are essential to keeping your view clear. If your blades are dull, you’ll start to see more haze, smudging and even debris on your windshield. If you haven’t replaced your blades lately, it’s a good idea to check them and replace them every 6 months. While you’re checking those wipers, it’s a good time to make sure your windshield washer fluid is filled to the proper levels which can help you keep your windshield clean regardless of the kinds of weather you encounter.

Check your headlights to improve Visibility

Your headlights ensure improved visibility when you drive in the dark, but dirt and debris can accumulate making your lights dimmer. Regular headlight cleaning is always a good idea to ensure improved visibility. While you’re out there cleaning, it’s a good idea to test your headlights to make sure they are all working. Plan on replacing any burned out bulbs. When you’re driving in foggy weather, use the fog lights (if you have them) which aim the light lower to cut through fog for greater visibility.

Repair chips and cracks to your windshield quickly

We’ve all been a victim of a stray pebble or rock flying through the air as we drive. Windshield damage can happen in an instant, and when left unattended, can become a large crack which is a huge problem when it comes to visibility. We recommend getting that windshield fixed as soon as possible to give you peace of mind when it comes to your visibility and safety.

Keep your windows free

If you haven’t done this yourself, you’ve seen cars that are packed to the gills which reduces visibility. Increased visibility goes hand in hand with clear windows. Before you start your drive, make sure your windows are clear by rolling up those sunshades and ensuring that your stuff is not blocking your view. Some ideas to clear your window space include: purchasing organizational items like a hanger that wraps around your passenger seat and allows you to hang clothes in the backseat without blocking your view, and stacking things on both sides of your back seat and not the middle which keeps a clear view from your rear view mirror.

Improve your blind spots

Nowadays, newer cars come with blind spot warning systems which help you know when a car is beside you, and in your blind spot. If your car doesn’t have one of these, it’s a good idea to optimize your mirrors for greater visibility. Your side mirrors should be out 15 degrees on both sides of your car. To set your side mirrors correctly, you’ll want to lean your head so that it’s even with your driver’s side window and adjust your mirror so you can see the side of your car. For your passenger side mirror, you’ll want to do the same from the center of the car. Making these minor adjustments should lessen your blind spots.

These simple tips can improve your visibility and keep you safe on the road. Need some help making sure you’ve optimized your visibility? We’d love to help – simply make an appointment and our team will be happy to inspect and adjust for your safety needs.