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In the summer you will want nice cold air to blow from the air conditioner of your car. You may notice that once you turn on the car, the air is not cold, since it takes a few minutes for that to happen. If several minutes go by and the air is still warm, there is a problem with the air conditioner. Contact us and we can schedule an appointment. Staying cool and comfortable will be a priority when you drive, so make sure that the air conditioner is always working efficiently and blowing cold air.


Always check under the vehicle if you start to notice any issues with the air conditioner. If the hose has a hole in it, then refrigerant will leak out. This will then reduce how efficient the air conditioner is working. It will also show signs of having only cool air instead of cold. Without it, the air will only be warm, even if the air conditioner is on max. If you see a puddle under the vehicle after it has been parked for several minutes, make sure to contact us. This will help the air conditioner get back to blowing out nice cold air.

Warm air may mean a build up

Also be aware of any leaves or build up that might be around the condenser of the air conditioner. Check under the hood, and any leaves or twigs that might be blocking it should be removed. This will cause issues with the airflow of the air conditioner as is operates. It will not be able to cool it as needed, and result in warm air. Also make sure the vehicle is brought in so we can check the fins for any damage or if they are bent. Anytime there is an issue, it is always best to have it fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage.