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windshield wipers

Nowadays, most people pay attention to every feature and function of their car, but somehow they never give any attention to the windshield wipers, which have to do the most work of them all: keeping the windshield clean so you can easily keep your eyes on the road. In most cars, windshield wipers are either broken or damaged, or their rubber has hardened to an extent that they don’t even clean the glass anymore. Let’s have a look at why windshield wipers are important for your car.

Road Safety

Windshield wipers go a long way towards ensuring road safety, as they keep the windshield glass squeaky clean. This ensures that you have maximum visibility and can easily see the road. It allows you to navigate easier, and also avoid any potholes, speed bumps, or rocks that may be present on the road. When you can see clearly through the windshield, your reflexes are also working smoothly, which greatly reduces the chances of getting into an accident. Therefore, having windshield wipers isn’t an option, but a necessity that most people fail to understand.

Visibility in Bad Weather

Not only do windshield wipers keep your windshield clean, but they also ensure that you get maximum visibility in bad weather. Even if there is heavy rainfall, the wipers will keep your glass as clear as possible, so that you can easily maneuver the car and avoid any unfortunate scenario or accident. Most people do not realize this until they are stuck in bad weather and their wipers are not working.

Glass Protection

Since windshield wipers are mostly exposed to the sunlight, their rubber blades get hard over time, which makes them unable to clean your glass windshield properly. However, this can also be dangerous for the glass. If the rubber becomes hard or falls off, the metal part of the wiper blades may come in contact with the windshield. If you turn your wiper on while this is happening, the motor will keep swinging the blade. This will scratch the windshield and cause hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage.

Cleaning and Replacement

If your windshield wipers have been damaged or worn off, you don’t need to worry. You can simply replace them on your own, and it takes only 5 minutes to do so. Moreover, you can also clean the wiper blades from time to time with a damp cloth, so that they can clean your windshield efficiently. If you notice that the wipers don’t clean the entire windshield properly even after cleaning, then you can think about replacing them. As you can see, having properly functioning windshield wipers in your car is very beneficial for your safety and visibility. Keeping them well-maintained is easy to do. By following a few simple tips, you can not only change your wiper blades, but also keep them clean from time to time.This way, you can be prepared for all types of weather conditions as well.