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While most batteries can last around 2 to 5 years, car battery failure is a common occurrence, especially during the winter and extremely hot summer. These batteries often fail when you least expect them to, leaving you in quite a predicament. There have been many cases where people are stranded just because their vehicle’s battery failed in the middle of the road. Events like these often happen during the winter, however, they also occur during warmer months.

The scorching heat of the summer can strain your car’s battery, depleting it come winter. While the frost during winter is great to look at, it can affect your battery’s life, making it vulnerable to failure. It is reason enough for car owners to take winter car battery maintenance seriously, as it could help them steer clear from trouble.

Best Car Battery Maintenance Tips for the winter

Cold gusts of wind can have the affect your car’s battery just like it affects people. Therefore, it would be best to steer clear from parking your car out in the cold. Instead, consider parking it in the garage to shield its battery.

You can also go the extra mile and utilize a block heater to safeguard your battery. In case you don’t have access to a garage, parking your vehicle away from the wind’s direction would be a wise alternative.

Remove Dirt and Debris

Excessively low or high temperatures often lead to electrical resistance, thickening the engine oil in the process. This causes your car’s battery to work twice as hard, making it very difficult to start during the winter season. What’s more, things like corrosion, grime and dirt on the battery’s terminals could increase the resistance.

If the terminals have white powder around it, there is a huge chance that it is because of corrosion. Fortunately, you will not require special tools or cleaning sprays for freshening things up. You can clean up your battery by using a pinch of baking soda, toothbrush, water, and a damp cloth. Some experts even recommend applying petroleum jelly to fend off corrosion.

Things to Know When Your Battery is Getting Weak

Here are some telltale signs that indicate a battery is becoming weak:

– The engine becomes slow

– Your car’s lights start to become dim

– You may notice the smell of sulfur, which often indicates there is something wrong with your battery

– The engine backfires too often

Don’t Turn the Accessories on Right Away

While cranking up your car’s heater when starting it may feel tempting during winter, it may not be the best idea. Instead, it would be advisable to wait a few minutes before turning on your car’s accessories. Give your alternator enough time for charging the battery. Switching on your light, radio, heater etc will put unnecessary strain on the alternator, making it difficult to charge the battery.

Get Your Car Battery Checked by Professionals

While following the tips discussed earlier could help you with winter car battery maintenance, there are some problems that require professional attention. This is where you may need the help of Service Garage of Blaine. This Minnesota based automobile repair service has been helping Blaine residents for a long time, ensuing their car’s batteries are ready for winters.